Mould Remediation

Mould remediation is a term used for the proper and professional clean up for a mould growth issue. Mould removal, mould clean up as well as mould remediation and even mould abatement are interchangeable terms that essential mean the same thing. A mould inspection from one of our Toronto mould experts can determine if remediation is necessary.

Mould remediation can be a small clean up of a small issue in a closet, on a wall or under the kitchen sink for example. This usually is taken care of quite quickly and is also considered a localized mould issue that in most cases only needs some limited containment procedures. Our company can also handle larger mould remediation projects in Toronto, but if you get a mould inspection early enough you can avoid having a larger issue like this.

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What is containment?

Containment is a physical barrier, enclosure or tent like plastic structure that separates the area containing the mould issue from unaffected areas of the home or building.

Why is containment important?

I Got Mould of Toronto knows that Mould Remediation’s most important step is containment. As soon as mould growth is disturbed, potential mould spores can aerosolize and spread to other areas. This can lead to potential health issues as well as more mould growth somewhere else. Containment should always be used in a mould growth clean up or mould remediation. The size and location of the mould growth issue will determine the extent of the containment, procedure and clean up method. In some cases, containment can be a simple plastic barrier all the way to fully pressurized enclosures.