Black Mould and Health Effects

There has been an abundance of reports about black mould growth and health effect on the internet and in the news.  It has become almost common knowledge that mould growth, a mould infestation and what is termed black mould can affect your family’s health.  However, the term ‘black mould’ may be more of a scare tactic or an attempt to sensationalize mould growth in homes.

The first thing you should know that mould growth indoors, especially on lumber, framing or drywall almost always has the appearance of black in colour.  This means very little since colour is not a good indicator of what species of mould growth is growing in your home.  In other words, almost all mould looks like black mould…but isn’t black mould!

Black mould is a media term to define a specific mould growth genus called Stachybotrys.  This is a fairly toxic mould with significant mycotoxins that can have negative effects on your health and that of your family’s health if you actually have this type of mould growth in your home.  You would also need quite a bit of mould growth of thus particular species to be present.  Small little spots of mould are usually not enough to cause any kind of health concern as a mould free environment is not possible.

The only way to determine of you have ‘black mould’ is to have it properly assessed and tested.  If in fact you do have ‘black mould’ then there could be significant health effects and cause for concern.

Black mould can have the following health effects or concern:

Respiratory distress or reactions

Bleeding of the lungs and sinuses

Skin reactions


Should you have any symptoms that may be a direct result of exposure to mould growth or so called black mould, you should see your doctor as soon as possible.

We can have your home properly assessed if you suspect mould growth or are having negatively health effects believed to have been cause by an indoor mould growth issue.

We can show you what areas of your home have mould growth, and which areas of your home need mould remediation for mould or black mould.

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