Mould Remediation – Prevent spread of mould spores!

What is the primary goal in mould remediation?  It’s to prevent the spread of mould spores to unaffected areas of the home or building.  

When faced with a mould growth problem, it’s important not to make the mould growth issue worse.  Mould grows in homes an buildings due to water damage.  Prolonged dampness on building materials such as drywall and insulation or wood framing can lead to mould growth.  With mould growth there is the issue of the mould growth itself as well as millions of mould spores that are easily disturbed.

We have lots of clients that call us after they have attempted to removed mould growth themselves or had a handy man remove it for them.  The danger here is that millions of mould spores could have been spread or aerosolized to areas of the home that originally had not mould growth issue.

As soon as you touch, clean, disturb or cut out an area of mould growth, mould spores can be spread to regrow mould somewhere else.  This is why it is important to have a contractor that knows how to properly remove mould and perform a professional mould remediation.

Mould growth should be cleaned up using pressurized containment.  This type of remediation prevents mould spores from spreading.  If mould spores spread, there is an increased risk for the mould issue to grow somewhere else.  Spreading of mould spores to other areas also increases the risk of occupants or family members from getting a negative health reaction due to inhaling the spores.

How do you prevent mould spores from being spread?  Have us perform a professional mould remediation.  Let us show you how.  Call us today.  We will be glad to hear your concerns.

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