Floods can grow mould growth

This summer has seen a share of floods and heave rains in the GTA.  We have had numerous calls from clients with wet basements and damp attics.  Floods can grow mould growth.  

Aside from wet basements and damp attics growing mould, another area of concern could be dampness or water entering through window frames.  This can lead to dampness inside walls and insulation which will lead to mould growth.

So how do you know if you have dampness inside the walls leading to mould growth?  There are 2 ways.  The first is very destructive and involves cutting holes into the drywall to check for moisture.  The second approach, which is less destructive, is having a mould growth assessment performed.  This involves using moisture measuring equipment like moisture meters and thermal imaging cameras and may also include taking air sample that are submitted to a mould laboratory.

A mould technician can perform a mould and moisture test in your home to ensure you don’t have hidden mould growth from this summer’s rains or floods.

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