Mould Remediation should include Mould Testing at the end.

If you have a confirmed mould growth issue in your home and office, you should never attempt to clean it up or remediate this yourself.  You will need a professional mould remediation contractor.  A professional mould remediation will ensure that the mould growth is removed professionally and properly without spreading mould spores.  However, how do you know if the mould has been properly removed.  This is where Mould Testing can be very beneficial to the Mould Remediation process.

Mould testing at the end of mould remediation can provide you with proof that the mould growth is now gone.  Mould testing can also show you that no mould spores have been spread from the affected are to a non affected area in the home or office.  This is usually done by air sampling sent to a laboratory.

However, mould testing should be performed by an independent third party.  The mould remediation contractor that performed the mould remediation should not be the person or consultant that also performed the testing at the end.  For obvious reasons, this should be done by an independent mould inspector or mould consultant.

A professional mould remediation contractor can make recommendations to the client and refer a few qualified mould inspectors or mould testing consultants.  This way all parties involved can rest assured, the mould has been removed and all parties fulfilled their obligation.

Call us today we will be happy to discuss your mould issues with you and recommend the best course of action.

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